Midnight in Paris

In France, the twenties were called the “Années Folles”. As Stein said, “We all went to Paris. It was where we had to be.” The youth began one of the gaudiest, most decadent eras in French history.
In Paris in the 1920’s, people knew how to have fun. The middle class had access to leisure the same as wealthy people. The Parisians went out often; they went to Music-hall shows ,operettas and theater. The entertainers in the music boxes of Paris who entertained and fed the need to perk up after the disastrous war. Jazz was very fashionable at the luxurious parties of the Parisian elite.
The styles and music seemed to boost moral and Americans flocked to Paris. Josephine Baker was a household name. People flocked to see her. Evenings were spent with song and liqueur. Considering the fact that prohibition came to the United States in 1920, thousands flocked to Paris to listen, see, dance and drink. It was the new age.
Translate this to your fabulous affair….
*Have an Evening Wedding with cocktails and appetisers
*Contact your local dance studio and have Tango dancers appear
* Use Vintage Eifel Tower and Paris Photos and the fabulous Art deco Architecture, and vintage maps to decorate your venue
* Josehine Baker Music a must!
*A glorious gown and a beaded headpeice will definetly work.

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